Chile: Trade & Customs 2024, Lexology Review

Partners Ignacio García and Fernando Villalobos collaborate on the Chilean chapter of Lexology’s Getting The Deal Through guide, which addresses trade and customs issues.

A complete Chilean legislative and institutional update on trade and customs matters was presented by Porzio Ríos García, Ignacio García, and Fernando Villalobos, partners, in the Trade & Customs 2024 chapter, published in the Getting The Deal Through guide, from the Lexology edition.

The exhibition addresses national legislation, international treaties, conflict resolution mechanisms, customs duties, trade barriers, export controls, sanctions, and trade embargoes, among other matters.

An analysis of the global panorama concerning trade issues, prefaces the exposition.

Lexology is an international legal research platform covering more than 50 practice areas, in more than 170 jurisdictions.

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