Azul Azul changes legal court

The players are kept, but the court changes. Two months ago, José Joaquín Laso joined Porzio Rios Garcia as a partner. When the lawyer, who worked for more than 20 years in Guerrero Olivos and led the sports law department, told his client Azul Azul that he would take on a new direction in his career, the club followed him and kept him as legal advisor.

Laso participated in the club’s opening on the stock exchange and since eight years represents it in corporate governance area, relationship with the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance, as well as sports issues, such as recruitment and transfer of players, and national and international litigation.

His integration into Porzio Rios Garcia, a consolidated office of intellectual property, corporate, labor and international trade matters, the firm’s portfolio of legal services extends to capital market and sports law.

Revista Capital, November 2017

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