Chambers Global Practice Guides Chile Employment 2023

At Porzio Ríos García, we highlight the contributions of partners and lawyers Ignacio Garcia, Fernando Villalobos Valenzuela, and associates Fernanda Bravo de la Cruz and Camila Quiroz to the Chambers Global Practice Guides 2023 in the category of Labor Law in Chile.

Chile: Trade & Customs 2024, Lexology Review

Partners Ignacio García and Fernando Villalobos collaborate on the Chilean chapter of Lexology’s Getting The Deal Through guide, which addresses trade and customs issues.

Tax on Inbound Investment 2022

Porzio Ríos García’s lawyer and partner, Ignacio García, and lawyers Carlos Bravo Bosselin and Sebastián Elgueta Riegel, participated in the Chilean chapter of the most recent guide presented by Lexology.

Por Antonio Varas, socio de Porzio Ríos García, Revista Bulb, octubre 2018.

Marketing and Law: A strategic couple

16 de mayo, 2018. Ignacio García, Fernando Villalobos. International Law Office.

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